Omega ./. Tudor et al.: The next decision on the DoE approaching?

Case No. O2015_008 ¦ Main hearing of 30 January 2018

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The FPC today published an announcement of the main hearing in this matter. Infringement of Omega‘s  EP 1 837 719 B1 is at stake; see EPO Register and Swissreg for further bibliographic details.

The single independent claim 1 reads as follows:

Balance for a timepiece movement including a felloe (3), arms (4) connecting the felloe (3) to the balance staff and inertia blocks (11) for adjusting the unbalance and regulating the moment of inertia, characterized in that the felloe (3) includes studs (7) directed inwards, a threaded hole (9) into which said inertia blocks (11) are screwed from the inside, passing through said felloe (3) and said studs (7).

The attacked embodiments are Tudor‘s calibres MT5621 and MT5612; infringement under the Doctrine of Equivalents is alleged.

Defendants Tudor and Detech deny infringement under the DoE and countersued for invalidity in view of DE 864 827US 759,914US 2,958,997, ROLEX calibres and the common general knowledge of the skilled person.

Reported by Martin WILMING


Case No. O2015_008 ¦ Main hearing of 30 January 2018

Omega S.A.


  1. Montres Tudor S.A.
  2. Detech S.A.


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