Will you join the ‘Fireside Chat’ on Clubhouse?

Are you tired of only reading Blog posts and Tweets?

Are you missing the discussion, in particular in these pandemic times?

Then let’s have a chat on Clubhouse! 👋

Honestly, I am normally not an early adopter of social media stuff, but the live audio chat concept of Clubhouse is pretty appealing to me.

It’s supposed to become the interactive part of this Blog:


Fireside Chat
Fireside Chat

My current idea is roughly as follows:

1 // I will provide a quick update on what has been decided by the Swiss Federal Patent Court and the Supreme Court in patent matters; 15 min.

2 // Q&A, discussion and gossip; open end.


Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 7:00 pm CET

I am planning to have the Fireside Chat on a monthly basis, always on the last Wednesday of a month.


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10 Replies to “Will you join the ‘Fireside Chat’ on Clubhouse?”

  1. das ist schade…Ein Grossteil (?) der Interessenten kann deshalb wohl leider nicht teilnehmen.
    Aber grundsätzlich finde ich dies eine gute Idee (vor allem jetzt in Coronazeiten)!

  2. Hallo Martin
    Wäre gerne einmal dabei. Bin am 24. Februar aber noch in den Skiferien. Vielleicht klappt’s im März.
    Liebe Grüsse
    Christian Hilti

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