Editorial: Thou shalt not steal

UPDATE Aug 12, 2017:

The post has been deleted within less than 24h. Thank you, Google.

I am following a lot of Blogs, to stay informed and as a source of inspiration for own work. It is very rare that I am getting miffed when glancing through other Blogs. But Pharma IP Circle recently drove me nuts. A comparison with my original text reveals that their post on Sevelamer of July 18 is blatant plagiarism.

Plagiarism (Pharma IP Circle)

I stick to my copyright notice:

Just some thoughts on how I would appreciate this Blog to be used: Read it (please), think it through (please!), use it for your own cases (but not against me …) and don’t blame me for any misunderstanding, neither mine nor yours. Citing and referring to this Blog is perfectly fine, but don’t steal. Easy, isn’t it?

Now, what to do when even such simple rules are just ignored, comments on the Blog are not released for publication and the author does not react on your inquiries?

My comment on Google+

Be prepared to file a complaint with Google as a last resort.

Reported by Martin WILMING


Download (PDF, 387KB)


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