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Case No. O2020_004 | Order of 3 March 2021

We recently reported about this order already on this Blog here. The order is heavily  anonymized, and close to nothing is mentioned about the technical subject matter of the patent in suit.

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It has taken a little longer than anticipated, but now we are fairly confident that the plaintiff — referred to as a ‘patent troll’ by the defendant — is yodoba AG. The patent-in-suit is EP 1 650 961 B1; see EPO Register and Swissreg for further bibliographic information.

the bait …

[On a personal note: I had almost given up on deciphering. The order is heavily anonymized, admittedly beyond what I could have hunted down on my own. Luckily, this exercise was a great reminder for me of what a highly motivated team can achieve with cleverness, persistence and a bit of brute force. /MW]

According to yodoba’s website, the company was founded in the year 2000 and had been active in the development of some technology related to «legal downloading», presumably referring to over the air sales of audio and video files by right holders.

Apparently, yodaba had been a high-flying startup at the beginning of the millenium:

Dieter Meier had formerly been shareholder and ‘ambassador’ of yodoba, as reported in yodoba’s newsletter of November 2005. Oh Yeah!

Siemens player

Yodoba was a member of the «Music over the Air Consortium MOC», founded by Siemens. This consortium operated the «Music2You» (M2Y) sales platform, which was used by the online shops of some leading providers such as T-Online and AOL, as well as T-Mobile and O2 (England, Ireland, Germany); see e.g. here.

By yodoba’s own admission on its website, business operation was discontinued in 2011 and the company solely focused on the monetization of EP 961 from here on out:

Im Jahre 2011 hat sich yodoba AG aus dem Download-Business zurück gezogen, nachdem sich dieses defizitär entwickelte und keine Verbesserung der Lage ersichtlich wurde.

This information is consistent with what both plaintiffs and defendants had apparently stated in their briefs:

Further puzzle pieces from the FPC’s order were the fact that exactly one patent exists which is still in force and registered in the plaintiff’s name, an address change and the share capital (purportedly CHF 150’000).

May I ask for more exact pleadings next time, please? The rounded share capital made it soo cumbersome to decipher the order. According to the commercial register, yodoba AG has a share capital of CHF 156’157,–. /MW

Still, little is known about the defendant. However, based on the subject-matter of EP 961 and what yodoba itself explains about it, we have any reason to assume that it is a business related to TV broadcasting over the internet with playback functionality. Well, there are not many candidates. Stay tuned.

Reported by Philippe KNÜSEL and Martin WILMING

UPDATE 13 December 2021: The FPC has just announced the main hearing (11 January 2022, 10:00 hrs). The defendant is Swisscom (Schweiz) AG; the ‘Swisscom TV’ set-top boxes are at stake.


Case No. O2020_004 | Order of 3 March 2021

yodoba AG

Single Judge:

    • Dr. Mark SCHWEIZER

Court Clerk:

    • Susanne Anderhalden

Representatives of Plaintiff:

Representatives of Defendant:

    • Simon HOLZER (MLL)
    • Louisa GALBRAITH (MLL)
    • Dr. Kurt SUTTER (Blum), assisting in patent matters
    • Martin TOLETI (Blum), assisting in patent matters





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