Infringement in Switzerland through globally accessible website

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Case No. O2019_007 | Decision of 19 November 2021 | ‘Gene sequencing’

DISCLOSURE NOTICE: Hepp Wenger Ryffel is involved in this matter on behalf of the Defendant, Latvia MGI Tech SIA.
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Illumina Cambridge had sued Latvia MGI Tech for infringement of two patents, i.e. EP 1 530 578 B1 (cf. EPO Register and Swissreg) and EP 1 828 412 B2 (cf. EPO Register and Swissreg); ¶ 27.

In brief, the judgment holds that both patents are valid (EP 578: ¶ 33 et seqq; EP 412: ¶ 53 et seqq.) and infringed (EP 578: ¶ 84 et seqq; EP 412: ¶ 91 et seqq.).

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Further, the globally accessible website (and a brochure «presumably» (‘mutmasslich’) downloaded therefrom) is considered as sufficient evidence of infringement in Switzerland (offer of «[…] installation validation services, including all the reagents required for delivering such services»); ¶ 25-26.

The judgment can still be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Reported by Martin WILMING


Case No. O2019_007 | Decision of 19 November 2021 | ‘Gene sequencing’

Illumina Cambridge Limited
Latvia MGI Tech SIA

Panel of Judges:

    • Dr. Mark SCHWEIZER
    • Dr. Tobias BREMI
    • Dr. Michael KAUFMANN


    • Dr. Tobias BREMI

Court Clerk:

    • Dr. Lukas ABEGG

Representative(s) of Plaintiff:

    • Dr. Andri HESS (Homburger)
    • Julian SCHWALLER (Homburger)
    • Andrea HEINIGER (Homburger)
    • Dr. Claudia BIBUS (Blum), assisting in patent matters

Representative(s) of Defendant:

    • Dr. Thierry CALAME (Lenz & Staehelin)
    • Lara DORIGO (Lenz & Staehelin)
    • Dr. Martin WILMING (Hepp Wenger Ryffel), assisting in patent matters



EP 1 530 578 B1:

EP 1 828 412 B2:


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