Synova and Avonisys litigating over water jet guided laser technology

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According to a press release of 21 November 2019,

Synova SA has brought an action against Avonisys AG and its directors with the Swiss Federal Patent Court for infringing on the Swiss part of Synova’s Patent EP 1 833 636 B1 » by marketing its ‘Air-Jet’ technology.

The press release is still available online at Synova’s own MicroJet technology is explained in the following promotional video:

Synova explained in their press release that Avonisys’ founders and directors are former employees of Synova. Avonisys’ Air-Jet technology that allegedly infringes EP 636 » can be understood from their technical paper and a promotional video below:

Further bibliographic information about EP 636 » can be found in the European Register and Swissreg.

From Avonisys’ press release of 4 December 2019 (still available online at, in response to Synova’s press release, it becomes clear that Synova had apparently already filed their complaint on 5 June 2018 — but only made this public in November 2019.

Avonisys denies that their Air-Jet technology infringes EP 636 ». Further, Avonisys has apparently lodged a counter-claim for nullity (inter alia based on a PhD thesis of Ricardo Cadavid-Giraldo), and yet a second counter-claim based on the Unfair Competition Act.

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UPDATE 2 September 2020:

Synova has partially waived the patent (request of 19 June 2020, published 14 August 2020); see the corresponding H1 publication ».

Further, the battle of press releases continues: Avonisys has commented on the partial waiver with a press release of 1 September 2020, shortly before the main hearing of 3 September 2020.

Reported by Martin WILMING


As initially granted:


After the partial waiver:


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