The independence of judges — and how to check it

Having briefly commented on the revised Guidelines on Independence only yesterday, I have now taken note of some further amendments on the website of the FPC; please see the screenshot below:

First, the companies for which the judges work (besides their assignment at the FPC) are now explicitly indicated for each and every judge.

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This milk frother won’t leave you cold

Case No. S2014_006 ¦ Decision of 06 October 2014 ¦ “Kaltmilchschäumer: Gutheissung vorsorglicher Massnahmen (Patentverletzung); Anforderungen Glaubhaftmachung offenkundige Vorbenutzung; Anforderungen Sicherheitsleistung”


A prior use as prima facie evidence in a plea of nullity is frequently cumbersome — and was unsuccessful here.

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