Next ‘Fireside Chat’ on Wed, 1 June 2022, 12:15 CEST on LinkedIn

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I was re-thinking the Fireside Chat format a while ago, and I have been curious to learn how you would like it. The outcome of my little poll showed a clear tendency: A preference for lunch time over the evening; and a preference for LinkedIn Live over Clubhouse.

Accordingly, the next Fireside Chat is planned as follows:

Date: Wed, 1 June 2022
Time: 12:15 hrs CEST
Venue: LinkedIn; see you here

I hope the start time leaves you enough time to grab a sandwich before joining … 😉

My current draft list of topics is as follows:

👉 S2022_001
Pelliheat AG ./. Hans SCHÄREN
Judgment of 2 March 2022: ‘Register ban’
👉 O2020_004
yodoba AG ./. Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Judgment of 22 March 2022: ‘Swisscom TV 2.0’
👉 S2021_006
Bayer HealthCare LLC ./. Helvepharm AG
Judgment of 26 April 2022: ‘Sorafenib tosylate’
👉 The FPC’s 10th Anniversary
Symposium of 6 May 2022: A quick recap
👉 Art. 84 EPC
Claims shall «be supported by the description» …
Missed the Live session? Here is the recording.



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