Meanwhile in Texas — Happy Holidays

The year is coming to an end, holiday season is approaching … — and nothing more to report from the FPC this time.

But it is not yet calming down like this elsewhere in the world. I stumbled upon a patent infringment case

Align Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALGN)
ClearCorrect, Inc. et al.

Court seal

that has been filed already back in early 2011 with the Southern District Court of Texas (Houston Division); case 4:11-CV-695, see the plaintiff’s press release here. The docket is huge. But what is most remarkable is an order that has been entered on December 12, 2018, as follows (emphasis in original!):

The Court is in receipt of the parties’ whiny letters. What is wrong with you parties/lawyers? Just STOP IT! […]

There will be no extension granted on the motion deadline — DON’T ASK.

This is my oldest and least favorite case. Please stop trying to become my least favorite lawyers.


Judge Gilmore

Anybody ever said that court files are boring? Not so when your judge is Vanessa D. Gilmore.

Her order concludes with Happy Holidays, and so does this post … 😉

Happy Holidays!

Warmest wishes,
Martin Wilming

P.S.: The judge is also an author. Maybe, some background of the case in general and/or the order in particular will be covered in the next edition of her book:

Tales from a Judicial Diva

DOC 237

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