This Blog is a fascinating time trap. But I don’t mind the time. It is only that sometimes I feel it would be nice if the Blog somehow paid me at least the actual costs (hosting, software, etc.), and maybe a share of my fuel (coffee).

So, why not allow an ad to be placed?

Here is the deal:

The Blog

Well, now that you are here I tend to assume you know what this Blog is all about: It’s a niche Blog about patent litigation in Switzerland, with a running commentary of all decision and hearings, as well as some statistics and databases.

The readership

This Blog is being read mainly by lawyers and patent attorneys either involved or generally interested in patent litigation, not only but in particular in Switzerland.

Inhouse counsel and R&D personnel of SMEs and global companies with an interest in Swiss patent litigation (pre-emptive or based on a current need) are using this Blog, too.

The vast majority of this Blog’s traffic stems from Switzerland, followed (currently in this order) by the U.S., Germany, U.K., Sweden, The Netherlands, India, Hong Kong, Spain, France, etc.

Geographical reach of this Blog

Statistics and rankings

This Blog started off in 2012, from the very beginning of the Federal Patent Court. Readership (visitors and views) is constantly on the rise since then:

Additional exposure

Headlines of posts from this Blog are also distributed via Newsletter, RSS feedTwitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook, with all traffic from these networks being directed to the Blog itself — and with the ad in the sidebar.


This Blog is recognised as one of the top 100 IP Blogs:

Ad specification

This Blog offers only one single ad space of 300×250 px.

The ad will be placed in the sidebars of the landing page and of each and every individual post, as shown below:

The ad will not be displayed on mobile phones, but this concerns only about 20% of this Blog’s overall traffic.

Ad restrictions

Ads are accepted as a JPG or PNG file, in a format of 300×250 px. File size shall not exceed 100 kb.

The ad can be hyperlinked to your homepage, or any other sub-page of your choice as long as it is of a general informative character.

The hyperlinked page will open in a new tab, and it will carry the nofollow tag.

The ad (and the page to which it is hyperlinked) shall not conflict with the overall content, purpose and styling of this Blog. I will know it when I see it — and I reserve the right to reject ads at my own discretion, in which case any advance payment will be refunded (in full or pro rata, depending on the time the ad had been live).


The unique advertisement space is offered per calendar month, for a flat fee to be individually agreed upon.


Once we have agreed on the price and other remaining terms, if any, payments can be made by wire-transfer or with PayPal; in the latter case, I will send you an individual link to proceed with the payment.

Now …

… just drop me a line and I will be in touch!


Terms and Conditions 1.0 (September 17, 2018)