Some questions received from the readers of this Blog might be of general interest:

Q1: Anonymization

Which standards, rules or guidelines of anonymization are applied by the FPC before publication of decisions and orders?

Guidelines are laid down in Art. 3(3) of the Information Regulations of the FPC:

In general, anonymisation is the exception rather than the rule. Publication of decisions shall take place in non-anonymised form unless the protection of private or public interests necessitates anonymisation. In case of private interests, anonymisation shall be done where this is requested and appears to be justified.

Q2: Date of publication

Does the FPC publish decisions immediately upon dispatch of the same to the parties, or is publication delayed?

Decisions are published on the internet ten days after dispatch of the same to the parties of the proceedings (cf. Art. 3(1) of theĀ Information Regulations of the FPC)