Re-thinking the ‘Fireside Chat’ format: How would _you_ like it? Let me know, please.

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Please bear with me, I will skip the April edition of the ‘Swiss Patent Litigation – Fireside Chat’. For two simple reasons: First, I am on holiday (and I do not even have a headset with me). Second, the few things that have happened last month can easily be dealt with in the next session.

What’s your opinion on the format?

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I started the ‘Fireside Chats’ more than a year ago on Clubhouse, always on the last Wednesday of a month at 19:00 hrs CET. I still like what I do there, and I had some very interesting discussions already.

But what about you?

Some told me that the time, 19:00 hrs CET, is not ideal. Commuting time, dinner time, family time, etc. Now, what about switching to lunch time, let’s say 12:15 CET?

Which time suits you better?

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And what about Clubhouse in general? What I like about this format is that it really encourages discussion, not consumption. It is audio-only, i.e. the entry barrier is very low. Likewise, participating in a discussion is very easy: Raise a hand, jump on stage and let people know what you think. I do believe that some of the spontaneous discussions I had on Clubhouse would not have been possible e.g. in the comments on a Blog, or LinkedIn. However, Clubhouse is yet another platform, and some might just not want to install yet another app on their devices.

Alternatively, I have seriously considered LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn is the forum where most of my contacts are around, anyway. And LinkedIn Live is not rocket science; it worked well for me in a test drive. However, I am afraid to lose the interactive character of the Clubhouse chats: Listeners may well post live comments or ask questions in the chat, but cannot directly join the discussion. Oh, and you would have to endure the sight of me (which really does not add value); it would not be audio-only.

What do you think:

Clubhouse or LinkedIn?

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Btw, if and when LinkedIn really comes up with what appears to be a Clubhouse / oups / Audio Event feature, I will switch (back) to LinkedIn for the fireside (or lunchtime) chats immediately.

Finally, I wonder whether inviting guest speakers might add value. No, I don’t mean to just ‘simulate’ a discussion that is wholly pre-determined like in a screenplay; I would want to keep the spontaneous character in any dicsussion.

What about guest speakers?

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Thanks for letting me know; your feedback is much appreciated.

Cheers, Martin


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  1. Any thoughts about a different time frame, e.g. 17.30 ? This could be a time window close to working times or overlapping with common working times. The window now (19.00) pops up after many people have left their office and returned home (or are on the way…).

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