Blockchain infringement case at the FPC

Apparently, the FPC had (or, maybe, still has) to deal with a blockchain patent infringement case. From the hot off the press IAM Patent 1000 guide that I have received earlier today (not yet available online) and this source, I learned that Kilian SCHÄRLI of MLL

[…] acted for Sunshine Software Development GmbH in filing a large blockchain patent infringement lawsuit […]

I have to assume that this is not the (unpublished) FRAND case reported earlier on this Blog here because MLL attributes that one only to Simon HOLZER:

MLL’s website

Searching for information about Sunshine Software Development GmbH is somewhat frustrating. No website, no publications, no nothing. But Sunshine’s network based on the commercial register is telling:

Sunshine Software Development’s network

Sunshine has some connection with Via Viadis, as well as with some AC companies. Via Viadis had sued Skype about 9 years ago for infringement of EP 1 151 591 B1 — which is quite a good fit technology-wise. What is more, MLL took over representation of EP 591 in Switzerland on 17 April 2019 when registering the transfer of EP 591 to an AC Company, i.e. AC Technologies S.A. in Luxembourg; see Swissreg. I’d make a bet that this is not a coincidence!

However, I have no idea about the defendant. Not yet.

EP 591 lapsed on 10 January 2020. Injunctive relief is thus not an issue anymore; but the case might nevertheless surface sooner or later for monetary reasons, if not settled.

UPDATE 4 June 2020:

The official announcement of the main hearing in this matter has been published … today(!). My educated guess above has been correct. The counterparty is FRIENDZ SA; the crypto-coin FDZ / Ethereum blockchain is at stake.

Reported by Martin WILMING


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