Announcement of Public Oral Hearings

The FPC began to publish the dates of forthcoming public oral hearings on the website, at the bottom right of the entry page:


Further details of the scheduled oral hearing(s) can be found in the Case law Section, or via the hyperlink at the bottom right. As may be concluded from this first occasion, it is the practice of the FPC to announce the following details:

  • Date, time and place
  • Case number
  • Issues at stake
  • Language of the proceedings
  • Remarks

This first announcement of a public hearing only indicates the case number S2013_001, pertaining to patent infringement / preliminary injunction. The language of the proceedings is German. No further details on the merits of this case are available by now:


Update February 5, 2013:
Details of the public hearings are no longer published in the Case law Section. Instead, the hyperlink at the bottom right now leads to a separate pdf document.

Reported by Martin WILMING

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