Bystronic Laser AG ./. Tomologic AB

We have reported on this matter already on February 3, 2017 when ex parte interim measures have been denied; see this Blog here.

At that time, it has only been an educated guess that Bystronic Laser AG and Tomologic AB were involved. But it is confirmed now: We can catch a glimpse of what

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Restored from breakdown

My Blog was broken in the morning, after a bunch of updates 🙁

The good news is: No content is lost, restoring from backup worked almost perfectly — besides various styling issues.

You know what? A perfect chance to switch the whole Blog to a more modern layout. Almost finished now, will sort

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Zurich IP Retreat

This international retreat is organized by INGRES and ETH Zurich at

Seehof Küsnacht
Hornweg 28
8700 Küsnacht (ZH)

It will be held on September 8-9, 2017 in honor of Dr. Dieter Brändle, the first President of the Swiss Federal Patent Court who will step back at the end of 2017. Opinion leaders in the

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Playing with data is so much fun

There is quite a lot of raw data in the FPC’s decisions. Why not scramble and shuffle it a bit? I did so below for the decisions published in 2017. It’s kind of a sneak preview; I will extend the lists to include the older decisions later.

Try and play with it: Scroll horizontally through the

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Judicial vacations

Time flies, it’s holiday time — again! Judicial Easter vacations, from April 9 to April 23, 2017; Art. 145(1) lit. a CPC.

Statutory time limits and time limits set by the court are suspended, but not in summary proceedings; Art. 145(2) lit. b CPC.

By the way: Do you know

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