Editorial: Thou shalt not steal

UPDATE Aug 12, 2017:

The post has been deleted within less than 24h. Thank you, Google.

I am following a lot of Blogs, to stay informed and as a source of inspiration for own work. It is very rare that I am getting miffed when glancing through other Blogs. But Pharma IP Circle recently drove me

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Doomed to live forever?

Case No. 4A_106/2017 (Supreme Court) ¦ Decision of 04 July 2017 ¦ “Patentverletzung, unentgeltliche Rechtspflege”

The patents at stake have expired already back in 2012 and 2013, but this case does not yet rest in peace. The walking dead …

In my review of the FPC’s Annual

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How the date of a hearing is fixed

Many courts just issue summons to a hearing at a date of their choice. If this date does not suit you, bad luck. It’s sink or swim. And if sinking is no option, you should really have very good reason to request postponement.

But there is also a Swiss consensus-oriented way to fix a date for the hearing.

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Organisational changes to the FPC?

The Committee for Legal Affairs of the National Council is currently considering amendments to the Patent Court Act (PatCA) to reflect some learnings from the first years of practice of the FPC. See the matter 16.478 on the website of the Swiss parliament.

Certain tasks and positions are currently

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Fulvestrant, reloaded (and still to be continued)

Case Nos. O2105_011 and O2015_012 ¦ Main hearing of 13 June 2017

A first glimpse of these disputes could be catched in parallel proceedings O2015_010 concerning nullity of AstraZeneca’s CH 696 260 A5 (commented on this Blog here). From r 4 of this decision, it has been evident that nullity

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Elections, part 2: Non-permanent judges wanted

Now that Mark Schweizer has been elected new President of the FPC as of 1 January 2018, two further job advertisements for non-permanent judges have been published: The Judicial Committee is seeking

  • four non-permanent judges with a background in chemistry or mechanical engineering;
  • one non-permanent
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